how to recycle your ecorain poncho

At GreenGear, we designed the EcoRain Poncho to be recyclable and we want to do all that we can in order to empower you to recycle properly. So how can you recycle your EcoRain Poncho? The short answer is that EcoRain Ponchos can be recycled the same way as grocery bags, at a location near you. If you already know how to recycle grocery bags, great! Just remove the drawstring before recycling. If not, read below.

EcoRain Ponchos are made using a #4 plastic film, which means that they are not curbside recyclable. The reason is that thin plastic films cannot be recycled with other plastics like water bottles because the machinery at most recycling facilities is not designed to handle such materials.  When one recycles things like grocery bags (or EcoRain Ponchos), recycling plants need to regularly shut down to remove tangled films from clogged machinery, which makes recycling even correctly sorted materials more expensive and difficult. The bags and films removed from recycling machinery are then sent to landfill. To repeat: please do not place your EcoRain Poncho in the regular recycling bin!


EcoRain Ponchos must be dropped off at one of the approximately 18,000 locations around the United States that accept plastic film collection. Many grocery stores, pharmacies, and other national chains like Target and Walmart locations provide drop off boxes where you can recycle plastic film products like our ponchos or grocery bags. Note: the bag bins will might look different at each store, but they are always clearly marked.


A plastic bag recycling receptacle at a Target store in Texas


A plastic bag recycling receptacle at a Walmart store in Florida

Please use this recycling drop-off locator (link opens in new window) to see where you should drop off your EcoRain Poncho for recycling. Just put in your zip code, find a convenient location near you, and remember to bring your poncho the next time you visit that store. After locating a store, it is a good idea to call ahead to confirm that it remains an active drop-off location. Remember: remove the drawstring from your poncho before placing it into a recycling bin!