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Our Mission

To inspire a more sustainable and equitable world through innovative products

GreenGear is dedicated to advancing sustainability in a practical and equitable manner. We believe in promoting sustainable practices without putting the burden on the end-consumer. As a minority-female owned startup, our mission extends beyond just sustainability; it's about ensuring that every product, every supply chain component, every partnership contributes to a more positive and equitable future.  To start, we've created the EcoRain® Poncho and are now expanding into bags.


Our Story

Portrait photo of Monika Dharia. The founder of GreenGear Supply.

In 2016, as a sophomore in college, I grew increasingly troubled by the negative environmental impacts of disposable petroleum-based products. As a sports fan, traveler and lover of the outdoors, I recognized ponchos as a disposable product particularly in need of improvement. After years of research, I designed the EcoRain® Poncho, which is made using sugarcane ethanol, a more sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

Today, GreenGear is committed to creating impactful products, pushing environmental and social initiatives however we can, and donating a portion of our annual sales to organizations dedicated to improving the environment.

Monika, CEO and Founder

Monika Dharia

Collage including pictures of Monika Dharia, the EcoRain® Poncho in store, the EcoRain® Poncho in boxes, and donation.

Our Vision:
Reimagine Plastic Products

High-quality products

Quality matches or exceeds that of traditional gear

Optimized sustainability

Products that minimize environmental consequences and drive positive change


Prices competitive with those of conventional, petroleum-based products

GreenGear in the News

Learn more about the growth of our business, ways customers are using our ponchos, and new product launches

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