We have a vision for a world free of single-use plastics, where petroleum is no longer a dominant commodity.  Plastics pollute our oceans, drive demand for oil, and are responsible for significant energy use and carbon dioxide emissions during refining and manufacturing. At GreenGear, we are not only committed to creating products that will displace existing, petroleum-based options, but also to proving that products can be eco-friendly, affordable and high-quality. It is our goal to help revolutionize the consumer products industry by making it more sustainable.



Create the best environmentally-focused solution that aligns with customers


Empower customers to purchase sustainable products without compromising on price or quality


Aim to better serve customers and support other environmental organizations. 


Create and improve upon environmental solutions


Sell sustainable products and donate 1% of sales to environmental groups


Know that together, we can change the world.

Our Story

In 2016, as a sophomore in college, our CEO Monika grew increasingly troubled by the negative environmental impacts of disposable petroleum-based products. As a sports fan, traveler and lover of the outdoors, she recognized ponchos as a disposable product particularly in need of improvement.  After months of research, she designed the EcoRain Poncho, which is made using sugar-based bioplastic, an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based conventional plastic. As a college student, our COO Russell was working to install rooftop solar on rental properties and develop an innovative model for incentivizing New Haven property owners to invest in solar energy.

In 2018, Monika and Russell met at a summer internship and bonded over a shared passion for creating business solutions to pressing environmental issues. Through their joint efforts, GreenGear Supply Company was formed. GreenGear is committed to creating environmentally friendly ponchos, designing sustainable products for future sale, and to donating 1% of our annual sales to organizations dedicated to improving the environment through a partnership with 1% For the Planet.

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