Helping Hand

Our Mission

At GreenGear, we recognize the responsibility we all have to interact with the environment in a more sustainable way. We're on a mission to help outdoor events & venues switch to more sustainable products. To do so, we are dedicated to creating products that drive positive environmental and social impact, all without compromising on price or quality.


Our Story

In 2016, as a sophomore in college, our CEO Monika grew increasingly troubled by the negative environmental impacts of disposable petroleum-based products. As a sports fan, traveler and lover of the outdoors, she recognized ponchos as a disposable product particularly in need of improvement. After months of research, she designed the EcoRain® Poncho, which is made using sugar-based bioplastic, an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based conventional plastic.

Today, GreenGear is committed to creating environmentally friendly ponchos, designing sustainable products for future sale, and to donating 1% of our annual sales to organizations dedicated to improving the environment through a partnership with 1% For the Planet.


Our Vision:
Revolutionize Outdoor Consumer Products

High-Quality Products

Quality matches or exceeds those of traditional outdoor gear

Optimized Sustainability

Products that minimize environmental consequences and drive positive change


Prices competitive with those of conventional, petroleum-based products

GreenGear in the News

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