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GreenGear Supply Company's EcoRain® Ponchos "Go Green" with Braskem's Sustainably Sourced Sugarcane Based Bioplastic

July 8, 2019


Braskem (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5 and BRKM6; LATIBEX: XBRK), the largest thermoplastics polyolefins producer in the Americas and leading producer of biopolymers in the world, today announced it has partnered with GreenGear Supply Company to provide Braskem's I'm GreenTM Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic for its durable, reusable and lightweight EcoRain Poncho...

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How Your Favorite Sports Teams are Greening the Future of Sports

June 26, 2019


As you pick up your Impossible Cheesesteak at the next Phillies game, did you ever consider if there are any chemicals in the wax paper underneath the sandwich? Whether your college basketball stadium is composting? Or even if there’s recycling at stadiums?

With millions in their fan bases...

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Class of 2019: Saving the World, One Poncho at a Time

May 2, 2019


When Monika Dharia ’19 was looking for rain gear product lines at Duke, she realized there weren’t any eco-friendly options for ponchos—the only products on the market were disposable and petroleum-based. As someone passionate about creating economic solutions for environmental problems, Dharia saw an opportunity. In her Social Innovation course...

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Meet the 2019 Startup Yale Prize Winners

April 8, 2019


Green Gear Supply Company has designed a business around the pressing environmental issues of plastic and carbon dioxide pollution. To fight plastic pollution and reduce carbon emissions, they engineered a sugar-based poncho with a carbon-negative lifecycle to serve as an initial product in their effort to create a portfolio of bioplastic or plastic-alternative products....

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Sobotka Seed Stage Venture Grant: The 2018 Winners

December 11, 2018


GreenGear Supply Company, co-founded by Russell Heller (YC ‘19), Monika Dharia (Duke) and Alan Yu (Brown), aims to fight plastic pollution and reduce carbon emissions by making rain ponchos from a sugar-based bioplastic.  Recent reports estimate that the use of plastic is responsible for approximately 8% of the world’s oil consumption and is expected to rise to 20% by 2050. This contributes 18 billion pounds of waste to our oceans annually.  GreenGear’s ponchos are made from a material that, when the source material is grown, actually sequesters carbon dioxide.  Additionally, sales of these ecofriendly ponchos and will displace the purchase of existing petroleum-based options...

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