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Put our products to use & keep them out of landfill

We always recommend reusing our product. In case that's not possible, it's luckily very easy to give our products a second life.

Our ponchos can be brought to your local store 

Choose "#4 Plastic Film"  or "#4 Plastic Bags" and type your zip code

Our packaging can go in curbside recycling

See your local recycling guides for proper measures

How to recycle your EcoRain® Poncho

Our products are designed for landfill diversion, hence proper recycling practices are important (see our FAQs for why we chose recyclability over compostability for end-use).

Reading Map on Mobile
Find a store near you

Recycle your poncho at a drop-off location (choose "#4 Plastic Film" or "#4 Plastic Bags") and recycle your packaging curbside.

Man wearing the EcoRain® Poncho and holding the hood up.
Make sure your products are clean and dry

Please make sure both are as dry as possible before recycling, as it'll improve their ability to be repurposed

Dropoff box to recycle plastic film products.
Drop off your poncho

EcoRain® Ponchos can be recycled the same way as grocery bags. If you already know how to recycle grocery bags, great! If not, click the button below.


Want to learn more?



Guide on what not and what to put in recycling. Some recycling rules vary by location.

Challenges Facing the U.S. System

Overview on the challenges currently facing the U.S. recycling system and what you can do to help

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper is derived from recycled sources or wood pulp. It is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable, a great alternative to plastic packaging.

What Happens to Recycled Ponchos?

They can be used to make composite lumber for decks or repurposed as small pellets to be used in pipes and more.

Are you interested in a recycling partner for your large event / venue? We can help!

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