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GreenGear Supply Company's EcoRain Ponchos "Go Green" with Braskem's Sustainably Sourced Sugarcane Based Bioplastic


Jul 8, 2019

Braskem's I'm Green™ Polyethylene (PE) Bioplastic Brings a Carbon Negative Renewable Materials Solution to GreenGear Supply's Durable and Reusable EcoRain Poncho

PHILADELPHIA, July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Braskem (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5 and BRKM6; LATIBEX: XBRK), the largest thermoplastics polyolefins producer in the Americas and leading producer of biopolymers in the world, today announced it has partnered with GreenGear Supply Company to provide Braskem's I'm GreenTM Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic for its durable, reusable and lightweight EcoRain Poncho.

Monika Dharia, GreenGear Supply Company CEO, commented, "We are excited to bring a more sustainable product to market and provide an alternative to fossil-fuel based plastics. One issue we have seen is that often times, products that are sustainable are either lacking in quality or affordability. It is an amazing feeling to see our first product, the EcoRain Poncho, come to life and address this issue. Braskem has been a fantastic partner since the start of our journey, and we are very thankful for all of their assistance."

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