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At GreenGear, we believe products can and should be sustainable, high-quality and affordable. In an effort to create a portfolio of plastic-alternative products, we are starting with our first product - the EcoRain Poncho.

our vision

We have a vision for a world free of single-use plastics, where petroleum is no longer a dominant commodity. Plastics pollute our oceans, drive demand for oil, and are responsible for significant energy use and carbon dioxide emissions during refining and manufacturing. GreenGear was founded with positive environmental impact as its core mission. We want to design consumer products that will displace existing, petroleum-based options and empower consumers to purchase items that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, all without compromising on price or quality.


Rain Ponchos

Bio-based  |   Durable   |   Recyclable

Our first product, the EcoRain Poncho is made using 99% Brazilian sugarcane bioplastic.  This means that for every kilogram of raw material we use, as much as 2.15 kg of carbon dioxide is captured and sequestered from the atmosphere. Considering that the production of petroleum-based plastic releases up to 6 kg of carbon dioxide per kilogram produced, the EcoRain Poncho is a much more sustainable option.  


The EcoRain Poncho keeps you just as dry as petroleum-based ponchos and is recyclable wherever #4 plastics are collected. We also offer plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging options.

Future products

At GreenGear, we see ponchos as our first of many products. We plan to introduce a reusable bioplastic water bottle as our second creation. Another consideration for a future product are phone cases.

Ultimately, we hope to design and manufacture sustainable outdoors gear like backpacks, jackets, and tents.

We welcome and encourage any ideas or feedback on our existing or future product development plans.


High quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices


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