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We supply products for outdoor venues & events that are made from better materials. To start, we have created our first product - the EcoRain® Poncho

Sustainable Ponchos for Your Events

Our rain ponchos help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use renewable resources and include sustainable packaging options. These reusable, recyclable rain ponchos are perfect for outdoor activities & promotional events. Each purchase also contributes to environmental non-profits through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

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We've pledged to donate more than 1% of all sales to environmental causes

SBA WOSB Certification logo

We're a 100% minority woman-owned small business, founded in 2017

B Corp certification logo

We're part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of environmental and social impact

What Makes Our Ponchos 'ECO'?

Renewable Materials

Made from sugarcane ethanol that is responsibly sourced from Brazil

Lower Carbon Footprint

Diverts greenhouse gas emissions from the plastics value chain

Optimized End-Use

Designed to last for unlimited uses and is 100% recyclable

Transparent Supply Chain

Work closely with suppliers to push environmental and social programs

Responsible Packaging

Plastic-free packaging made from FSC-certified recycled kraft paper

Community Support

Portion of all revenue supports environmental nonprofits


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Recycling Guide

When our ponchos are recycled as plastic film, they are given a second life. Please see our recycling guide, so we can help your organization, event, or venue go zero waste. Local recycling instructions are also included.

A second life

Monika Dharia next to a Philadelphia Eagles recycling guide. This picture is next to a button to our recycling guide.
Model in the EcoRain® Poncho. This picture is next to a button that links to our "about us" page.

Our mission

Our reusable, recyclable ponchos are perfect for outdoor activities & promotional events. Made with renewable resources and ethical manufacturing standards.

A cleaner tomorrow

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